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We have been a great party venue since 1999.

Bring your food and alcohol; we'll provide everything for a beautiful event.

You get lots of decor included with each event.

Dance Floor and Bar Information

dance floor

Our reception and event venue has a huge professional dance floor w stage (22' X 36' dance floor and a 14' x 16' stage) that will accommodate almost any band or DJ. The Dance floor is decorated with beautiful chandeliers and a mirror ball! Right beside the dance floor is a 26-foot professional bar. You can enjoy your favorite bar drinks beside the dance floor while socializing and watching the dancers. Whether your favorite dance style is hip hop, country, Tejano, old school, or freestyle...

This dance floor is large, beautiful, and made for your boot-scootin dancin' shoes!

dance floor


This is an excellent place to party and dance the night away!


Special effects for your dance floor and what you should know:

Cold Spark Fireworks Displays are allowed. Your Cold Spark provider must be a Licensed Pyro Shooter by the State of Texas and possess an Event Permit, available through the Texas Arson Permit Group. For more information, don't hesitate to contact the Ft Worth Fire Marshal at 817-838-4660. Cold Spark Fireworks disperse a grit that takes the finish off the dance floor and causes the floor's surface to prematurely need refinishing. There is a $250 charge due to the additional floor maintenance. And be sure to find a licensed vendor.

The Dancing on the Clouds fog display is allowed and requires no special licensing or permits. Heated fog machines are also allowed.

Confetti and/or sparkle cannons are not allowed. Confetti and sparkles are very time-consuming to clean up.

Snow and bubbles are not allowed. The moisture makes the floor wet and promotes slips and falls.

Dj's may bring in video screens and specialty lighting. We strongly suggest that a sound check as well as an electrical check be completed before the party begins.


About the Bar

The Basics

1. You may bring in your own alcohol. We do not have a liquor license. The alcohol must be served by our bartenders and cannot be set out on the guest tables. Our bartenders need to handle all alcohol due to our insurance coverage.

2. If you decide to serve alcohol, having the Bar Package is necessary. The package includes the bartender, the frozen drink machine, and all disposables (ice, coolers, cups, napkins, and stirrers).

3. Client provides all alcohol, beer, wine, champagne, lemons, limes, salt, mixers, and garnishes needed. We do not offer mixers, garnish, or anything perishable.

4. At the night's end, pack up the leftovers and take them with you. The Chateau bartender will clean the bar. The bartender will sweep, mop, and remove the trash.

What you may decide to offer "by item."


Many of our party hosts choose to purchase kegs of beer for their guests. We can accommodate and serve kegs of beer. Providing kegs of beer is a more economical way to provide beer than bottles or cans.

Some of our party hosts prefer serving beer in bottles or cans, which is easy. We have galvanized tubs and insulated coolers to hold the ice and beer. We serve the bottles or cans from those tubs and keep everything iced down and cold.


Bring your favorite bottles or boxes of wine.


Bring in whatever alcohol you choose to serve.

Any alcohol that guest may bring must be stored behind the bar and served by our bartenders.

Disposable cups, ice, coolers, cocktail napkins, stirrers, and straws are provided.

*We do not provide mixers, garnish, or anything perishable.

Frozen Drink Machine

A frozen drink machine can be used for alcoholic or non-alcoholic frozen drinks. It is your choice to use the machine or not.


What to buy

Each side of the frozen drink machine holds 2.5 gallons. To fill the machine, you will need enough mix to make 5 gallons. For margaritas, choose a powdered mix, a liquid pre-mix, or a premium ready-to-drink mix. We suggest purchasing a mix without alcohol, then adding your bottle of tequila. To make a 5-gallon batch of margaritas, buy two 750 ml bottles of clear tequila (one bottle per side) and one 750 ml bottle of triple sec or simple syrup to add to taste.

The bartender will make your frozen drinks per your recipe, refill the machine as needed, and serve until the mix runs out.

*Client supplies the alcohol, mix, limes, and salt.



The serving of alcohol by our bartenders is one of our few requirements and is not an option. This is needed to meet the building insurance policy requirements.

If you want your bar to be open for more hours, extended bartending service is charged at $45.00 per hour.


A Bar Package is available.

Chateau bartenders will serve your drinks all night long. At the night's end, the bartender will clean the bar and remove the trash. For more about what we do, check out how the bar works.


Photos of the Dance Floor and Bar

If dancing is on your list of reception priorities, the Chateau is a perfect reception destination.

We host receptions where the tempo is often casual and fun.

But sometimes... we host some of the most rocking, excellent, fantastic, high-energy receptions in the DFW area.

  • Dance Floor and Bar
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One bartender for every 125 guests is advised. A good bartender can handle additional guests, but the bartender may sometimes have a line at your bar when your party begins. Lines will tend to happen at the beginning of your party, when your bar first opens and everyone is ordering their first drink. Once that initial rush is over, the flow of guests will return to normal and any line at the bar will be minimal. The more intense your bar offerings are, the more likely it is that you will need a second bartender.

Bar Clean-Up

We will clean-up the bar area at the end of the night. We'll wipe everything down, empty and clean the frozen drink machine, take out the trash, sweep, and mop.

end of night clean-up

What's included with the Bartending Staff Package.

Frozen Drink Machine

Make Frozen Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Peach Bellini's, and more.

frozen drink machine

Each side of the frozen drink machine holds 2.5 gallons for a total of 5 gallon capacity. It takes a minimum of 1 gallon of mix to freeze properly.

Venue Access

Our Saturday rental package includes 12 hours of uninterrupted access to our stunning venue. You and your guests can enjoy the space from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am, giving you plenty of time to party the night away. Don't worry about rushing your celebration - we've got you covered. With a generous rental window, you can relax and enjoy your event.

A Friday or Sunday rental package includes 10 hours of uninterrupted access.

A Monday - Thursday rental package includes 8 hours of uninterrupted access.

Reserve your spot today and experience the perfect venue for your next unforgettable event.



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The Property

One Large Room

350 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22 ft x 36 ft Dance Floor

Stage for DJ or Band

26 ft Professional Bar

205 Lighted Parking Spaces


Lots of decor is included

Why spend thousands of dollars on decorating a plain room? Book the Chateau and enjoy our included decor. Save your money!

More about the decor.




Wait Staff

Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink

    You are welcome to bring food and alcohol to our venue.

    Our space boasts a large, professional oak dance floor and an accompanying bar.

    Most of the decor is included with each venue rental, and the space is beautifully decorated.

    The main room is adorned with numerous chandeliers and a stunning table of honor gazebo. 

    Our staff is dedicated to helping you create a memorable evening that everyone will cherish!

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