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Decor that's included in the venue price.


We've incorporated our favorite decor pieces into all of the venue rentals. The Chateau is often contacted to decorate the reception rooms at hotels, country clubs, event venues, and private residences, so we know what decorations are popular. When planning a party at the Chateau, the need to spend money on additional reception decor is minimal - because lots of decor is already included!


Here's the decor that's included with every venue rental.

Head Table / Table of Honor

The Head Table was updated to reflect a more current trend and fresh look. Throne chairs are not included, but you can add them.

Head Table Gazebo w Stage.

Curved Gazebo

This gazebo is most often used for cakes and sweets.

Curved Gazebo

Photo-Op Background

This photo-op background is one of our most popular and is updated to reflect a fresh garden look.

Dance Floor Entryway Arch

Pass through the Entryway Arch and dance the night away.

Dance Floor Entryway Arch

Fireplace Background

This area can be used as a photo background or to place a special display.

Fireplace Background

Dance Floor Lights

String lights and a disco ball are hung over the dance floor. The lights can be dimmed if DJ has provided special lighting. Or the lights can be turned off for a darker "club-like" feel.

Dance Floor Lights

Ceiling Fabric

The ceiling fabric is placed throughout the guest area.

Accent Lighting throughout the guest area

Decorated Suspended Ladder

The ladder is located in the center of the room.

Decorated Suspended Ladder

Accent Lights at Bar

These lights can be adjusted to a color that matches any color theme.

Accent Lights for Bar included

Accent Lights

These room accent lights can be adjusted to a color that matches your color theme.

Accent Lighting

Glass Top Table

The table is in the foyer and is often used as a photo display.

Glass Top Table

Rustic Wheel Barrel Table

This table is often used to display photos or signs. The top can be removed and used for gifts.

Rustic Wheel Barrel Table


Two chalkboards are available if you would to make your own blackboard signs. Colored chalk is allowed. No permanent markers.

We have blackboards available for your use.

Baby Bed Springs

Dresses up the buffet area and is installed over the buffet!

All decor that is included with the room rental is subject to changes due to continually updating reception trends. We promise to give you the most recent and freshest-looking decorations and displays.

The Property

One Large Room

350 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22 ft x 36 ft Dance Floor

Stage for DJ or Band

26 ft Professional Bar

205 Lighted Parking Spaces


Lots of decor is included

Why pay thousands of $$ to decorate a plain room that has no decor? Book the Chateau! We have lots of decor that's already included with each rental. Save your $$.

More about the decor.


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Venue Access

A Saturday event includes twelve (12) concurrent hours of venue rental time. Access to the building is at 2:00 pm. The party ends at 1:00 am. The building cleared by 2:00 am.

A Friday or Sunday event includes ten (10) concurrent hours of venue rental time.

A Monday - Thursday event includes eight (8) concurrent hours of venue rental time.




Wait Staff

Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink

    You can bring in your own food and alcohol.

    We have a large professional oak dance floor and a long accompanying bar.

    The venue space is beautifully decorated, and most decor is included with each venue rental.

    Main room has lots of bling chandeliers and a beautiful table of honor gazebo.

    Our staff can help you create a beautiful evening that everyone will remember!

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