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Dance Floor

dance floor

Our reception and event venue has a huge professional dance floor w stage (22' X 36' dance floor and a 14' x 16' stage) that will accommodate almost size any band or DJ. The Dance floor is decorated with beautiful chandeliers and a mirror ball! Right beside the dance floor is a 26-foot professional bar. You can enjoy your favorite bar drinks beside the dance floor while socializing and watching the dancers. Whether your favorite dance style is hip hop, country, Tejano, old school, or freestyle...

This dance floor is large, beautiful, and made for boot-scootin.

dance floor

DANCE FLOOR - Special effects and how they're handled.

Cold Spark Fireworks Displays are allowed. Your Cold Spark provider must be a Licensed Pyro Shooter by the State of Texas and possess an Event Permit, available through the Texas Arson Permit Group. For more information, don't hesitate to contact the Ft Worth Fire Marshal at 817-838-4660. Cold Spark Fireworks disperse a grit that takes the finish off the dance floor and causes the floor's surface to prematurely need refinishing. There is a $250 charge due to the additional floor maintenance. And be sure to find a licensed vendor.

The Dancing on the Clouds fog display is allowed and requires no special licensing or permits.

Heated fog machines can be brought in and are allowed.

Confetti and sparkle cannons are not allowed. Confetti and sparkles are really messy and are super time-consuming to clean up. Excessive clean-up can cause you to lose some of your damage deposit.

Snow and bubbles are not permitted. The moisture that the snow and bubble effects produce makes the floor slick and promotes slip and fall accidents.

Dj's may bring in video screens and specialty lighting. We strongly suggest that a sound and electrical check be completed before the party begins.

Dance Floor

We have a huge professional dance floor with a stage that can hold almost any size band or DJ.

The Dance floor is decorated with beautiful chandeliers and a mirror ball.

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Venue Access

A Saturday event includes twelve (12) concurrent hours of venue rental time. Access to the building is at 2:00 pm. The party ends at 1:00 am. The building cleared by 2:00 am.

A Friday or Sunday event includes ten (10) concurrent hours of venue rental time.

A Monday - Thursday event includes eight (8) concurrent hours of venue rental time.


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The Property

One Large Room

350 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22 ft x 36 ft Dance Floor

Stage for DJ or Band

26 ft Professional Bar

205 Lighted Parking Spaces


Lots of decor is included

Why pay thousands of $$ to decorate a plain room that has no decor? Book the Chateau! We have lots of decor that's already included with each rental. Save your $$.

More about the decor.




Wait Staff

Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink

    You can bring in your own food and alcohol.

    We have a large professional oak dance floor and a long accompanying bar.

    The venue space is beautifully decorated, and most decor is included with each venue rental.

    Main room has lots of bling chandeliers and a beautiful table of honor gazebo.

    Our staff can help you create a beautiful evening that everyone will remember!

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Chateau at Forest Park

1800 N. Forest Park Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX



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