wedding reception


Wedding Receptions

We love wedding receptions and give them our fullest attention. Our staff will do their best to make your planning process a smooth affair, as well as giving you an event that runs according to plan. We have several packages available that can save you lots of leg work and ultimately - SAVE YOU MONEY. We totally encourage DIY touches and personalizing our venue to reflect your own sense of style. We can also give you ideas regarding what other brides have done, if you'd like.

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Wedding Ceremonies

We host great looking wedding ceremonies, but we're not a wedding chapel. Our ceremonies are intimate, convenient, easy on your budget and very pretty.

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Open Vendor Policy

We have an Open Vendor Policy. This gives you the freedom to choose the wedding vendor that fits best with your wedding needs. We want you to be free to negotiate with all vendors and get the absolute best deal that you can. We no longer provide catering or hold a liquor license.



You can choose who brings in your food. You can decide on your favorite restaurant, caterer, or family chef. We can back you up with wait staff and bussers, if you choose.



You may bring in your own alcohol. The alcohol must be served from behind our bar and cannot be set out on the guest tables, family style. The Chateau needs to serve all alcohol, as this is how we can best manage our insurance premiums.


We do not cater or provide food.

If you would like advice or physical help with arranging food service, we are here. We have experience in the catering business and are very comfortable in dealing with various menus and service styles. Let us know what you are looking for and we can help. Or if you'd rather, we can totally arrange food service.

We can recommend the best food vendors for your situation, if you ask. You will be able to negotiate the best food service deal because we have buffet equipment, a trained staff and a wide assortment of plating - so all of your options are on the table.


Just In

Kings Throne Chair. A perfect chair of honor. Two chairs together make perfect chairs for a bride and groom. Color: white on white trim. $175 each or two chairs for $325.