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Since 1999, we have been a great choice for hosting memorable events.

We can provide comprehensive event services to create a truly stunning occasion with abundant decorations.

You have the flexibility to bring your food and alcohol.

Planning your party

Below is a listing of things you'll need to consider for your event.


Our Venue Manager will be present during your reception to make sure that the room is set up and maintained according to your final consultation. However, it is important to note that the Venue Manager only manages the Chateau staff and services that you have contracted with the Chateau. Therefore, the Venue Manager will not be responsible for busing tables, or handling any of your food, drink, or cake in any way. Also, please be aware that the Venue Manager will not be responsible for setting up or taking down anything that you or your vendors bring in.


Food can be brought in by a caterer, restaurant, food truck, or family

Hot food is usually held in chafers that don't require electricity. You'll also need cans of sterno, water pans, and a way to light your sternos. Bring serving containers for salads, appetizers, sauces, and such.

Bring chafers that do not require electricity. The buffet electrical outlet in the kitchen will not support multiple electric chafers.

Bring the serving utensils needed to serve your menu.

Bring eating utensils that your guests will need along with plates, napkins, salt, pepper, etc.

Assign someone to set up your buffet.

Assign someone to replenish the buffet as needed.

Lastly, assign someone to take down the buffet and package any leftovers.

Have your meal provider bring food storage containers and plastic wrap for any leftover food you want to take home.

Plan the drinks that go with the meal.

    We do have a package that provides all of the chafers and plating. For help setting up, serving, and taking down your buffet and cutting and handling your cake, check out the Buffet Package.


These beverages are served with the meal.

Bring your beverages, cups, napkins, stirrers, and straws.

You will need the dispensers to hold and serve your drinks.

Bring containers to store your ice and serve condiments like sugar packets, lemons, etc.

Assign someone to set up the beverage area.

Assign someone to maintain the beverage area and replenish your drinks throughout the night.

Assign someone to take down your beverage station at night's end.

We rent beverage dispensers and ice containers for a nominal charge.

*Non-alcoholic drinks accompanying the meal will not be served from the bar. The bar is a long distance from the buffet. Serving meal drinks from the bar will make your guests walk from one side of the room to the other side of the room for their drinks. Choosing the bar to serve the drinks that accompany the meal costs $1.50 per guest. We must add staff to serve your non-alcoholic beverages from the bar.

    Our package covers the set-up, maintaining, and taking down of your drink area. For our help in this area, see the Beverage Station Package.


Assign someone to cut and serve your cake.

After the cake has been cut and served, assign someone to clear the guest tables of cake plates, utensils, and such.

Assign someone to box up any leftover cake.

    We have a package that covers cake service, table bussing, and more. For our help in these areas, see more about the Service Package.


Assign someone to set up your buffet equipment, present the food, and replenish the buffet.

As food service ends, assign someone to clear all dirty plates, drink glasses, bar glasses, and utensils from the guest tables. Trash cans will need to be emptied, as well.

Assign someone to cut and serve your cake.

After the cake has been cut and served, assign someone to clear the guest tables of cake plates, utensils, and such.

Assign someone to box up any leftover cake.

When food service is over, assign someone to take down the buffet and package any leftovers.

Have your meal provider bring food storage containers and plastic wrap for any leftover food you want to take home. Or you can provide.

You must take out trash throughout your event and clean the kitchenette at night's end.

    We have a package that provides setting up the buffet, serving the food, cake cutting, bussing the tables, and end-of-night clean-up. For our help in this area, see more about the Service Staff Package.

    Leaving plates, cups, and debris on your guest tables for the Chateau staff to clear will reduce your damage deposit return.


Bring the linens, table runners, centerpieces, chargers, and whatever else you can set on the tables.

Assign someone to set up the guest tables.

Bring additional decor and linens for the head, cake, and service tables.

Assign someone to clear the tables of plates, cups, disposable tableware, food tableware, cake plates, forks, bar glasses, cans, and bottles.

By the night's end, your tables must be clear of everything you brought in.

    We have a package that provides the setting up of your guest tables. For our help in this area, see more about the Guest Tables.


You bring alcohol, wine, beer, and mixers.

You must also provide garnishes, such as lemons, limes, and salt.

At the night's end, you'll need to remove the products you didn't use. We do not keep extra boxes at the venue.

    Chateau bartenders will serve your drinks all night long. At the night's end, the bartender will clean the bar and remove the trash. For more about what we do, see more about the Bar and Bartending Package.

    The Bartending Package is NOT optional due to our insurance coverage.


The food provider is responsible for cleaning the kitchenette.

Cleaning consists of wiping down counters, wiping out the cooler and food warmer, sweeping floors, mopping, and removing kitchen trash. We will provide brooms and mops.

The client typically delegates responsibility to the food provider for cleaning the kitchenette, as the client is responsible for the condition of the kitchenette and trash removal.

    We have a package that provides for our staff will do this, although this is just part of what our team will do. Just add the Service Staff Package.


DJs and Bands have access to the venue at the same time as you. This allows time for a comfortable set-up and a thorough sound check.

Cold Spark Fireworks Displays are allowed. Your Cold Spark provider must be a Licensed Pyro Shooter by the State of Texas and possess an Event Permit, available through the Texas Arson Permit Group. For more information, don't hesitate to contact the Ft Worth Fire Marshal at 817-838-4660. Cold Spark Fireworks disperse a grit that takes the finish off the dance floor and causes the floor to prematurely need refinishing. There is a $250 charge due to the additional floor maintenance.

The Dancing on the Clouds fog display is allowed and requires no special licensing or permits. Heated fog machines are also allowed and require no special licensing or permits.

Confetti and/or sparkle cannons are not allowed. Confetti and sparkles are very time consuming to clean-up.

Snow and bubbles are not allowed. The moisture makes the floor wet and we don't want anyone falling down.

Video screens and specialty lighting are allowed, and we strongly suggest that an electrical and sound check be completed before use.

At the night's end, DJs and Bands must have all equipment removed within the one-hour take-down time.

The venue does not have 220-volt wiring available for bands.

Decals and stickers cannot be attached to the dance floor, as they harm the floor surface when removed.

At your party's conclusion, the end-of-night clean-up crew does the sweeping and mopping maintenance.

    We will clean up the stage and dance floor. For more about what we do, see more about the End of Night Clean-Up.


All rentals and decor must be approved by Chateau Management before installation. This helps avoid misunderstandings on what type of decor is allowed and protects your damage deposit return.

Any decor to be placed on our existing decor (such as flowers, greenery, ribbons) must be installed by the Chateau staff. Pricing begins at $50.00. We love decor but have experienced lots of damage to our sets when the additional decor is removed during the end-of-the-night conclusion. Chateau staff will remove the decor later, and the decor installed on top of our decor must stay with us for the night. The decorations we install for you must be picked up on Monday or Tuesday.

    Any rentals, decor, bar, or party supplies brought on-site must be removed the night your event concludes. Nothing can be left in the venue overnight.


Clean-Up consists of sweeping, mopping, and emptying trash cans in the restrooms and main party area.

    We will provide a thorough clean-up of the venue. For more about what we do, see more about the End of Night Clean-Up Package.

    The End of Night Clean-Up Package is NOT optional. The time to complete a proper clean-up takes longer than the hour the client has to remove their party supplies and clean.

The Property

One Large Room

White Shiplap Walls

22 ft x 36 ft Dance Floor

Stage for DJ or Band

26 ft Professional Bar

205 Lighted Parking Spaces


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Lots of decor is included

Why spend thousands of dollars on decorating a plain room? Book the Chateau and enjoy our included decor. Save your money!

More about the decor.


Venue Access

Our Saturday rental package includes 12 hours of uninterrupted access to our stunning venue. You and your guests can enjoy the space from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am, giving you plenty of time to party the night away. Don't worry about rushing your celebration - we've got you covered. With a generous rental window, you can relax and enjoy your event.

A Friday or Sunday rental package includes 10 hours of uninterrupted access.

A Monday - Thursday rental package includes 8 hours of uninterrupted access.

Book the Date

A $1,200 retainer holds and officially books your date. The booking retainer is applied to your balance.

    You are welcome to bring food and alcohol to our venue.

    Our space boasts a large, professional oak dance floor and an accompanying bar.

    Most of the decor is included with each venue rental, and the space is beautifully decorated.

    The main room is adorned with numerous chandeliers and a stunning table of honor gazebo. 

    Our staff is dedicated to helping you create a memorable evening that everyone will cherish!

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