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Beautifully Decorated . Reception Ready

Bring in your own FOOD and ALCOHOL.

We have decorating, food service, bussing and cleanup staff available for hire.

Food and Catering



We do not cater or provide food.

If you would like advice or physical help with arranging food service, we are here. We have experience in the catering business and are very comfortable in dealing with various menus and service styles. Let us know what you are looking for and we can help. Or if you'd rather, we can totally arrange food service.

We can recommend the best food vendors for your situation, if you ask. You will be able to negotiate the best food service deal because we have buffet equipment, a trained staff and a wide assortment of plating. We try to keep all of your options available.


Hot and Cold Food Handling

All hot foods must be cooked prior to delivery. We do not have ovens, grills, or fryers to cook food. Our kitchenette contains a food warmer that is available to hold your hot food. The warmer will keep hot foods hot, for the duration of your party.

Cold foods such relish or fruit trays should be assembled prior to delivery. We have a kitchenette that has a cooler and you are welcome to use it to store refrigerated items such as cold food trays, beverages and such.

We also have an ice machine and a two compartment sink that is available for your use.


Open Vendor Policy

Our Open Vendor Policy gives you the freedom to choose the vendors that best fits with your reception needs. You can choose your food vendor, cake baker, florist, DJ, photo booth and whomever you like. You are totally free to negotiate with all vendors and get the absolute best deal that you can.

We are very familiar with wedding and reception vendors. If you need recommendations, we are happy to point you in the right direction. Use our party planner and we will book your food and vendors for you.


We have a wait and bussing staff that can assist restaurant catering or a family chef.

More about our wait staff service


Use our Wait Staff Service in conjunction with a restaurant or family prepared food and reduce your menu costs.


How our Wait Staff works with Restaurant Catering

1. Restaurant brings the food.

2. Restaurant serves the food on BWR (our) plates.

3. Restaurant staff leaves at the conclusion of the food service.

4. BWR staff busses tables.

5. BWR staff cuts your wedding cake.

6. BWR staff takes out trash, then takes our rentals with us.


How our Wait Staff works with Family Chef

1. Family Chef brings the food.

2. BWR Wait Staff serves the food on BWR (our) plates.

3. BWR Wait Staff stays at the conclusion of the food service.

4. BWR staff cuts your wedding cake.

5. BWR staff busses tables.

6. BWR staff takes out trash, then takes our rentals with us.

Hire a Family Chef?

Our wait staff can be a perfect compliment to a member who has gone to all of the hard work to prepare the menu. We can set out linens, plates, silverware, help serve food, cut the cake and do the clean up.


Hire a Restaurant?

Our wait staff can be a perfect compliment to restaurant catering. You can choose to have the restaurant just drop off and serve the food and we will stay till clean up is complete. Restaurants are busy on a Friday or Saturday night and having enough restaurant staff to serve and clean up your party at closing, is sometimes difficult. We can fill that staffing void, so you can get a great price on your food by having your food dropped off, then can set out the food, provide the china and such... or set out plates, silverware, help serve food, cut the cake and do the cleanup. We have many options available to you.


Hire a Caterer?

We love caterers! But if your caterer doesn't have plates and silverware, we can provide them. Your caterer must leave the kitchen clean and take out the trash. Please communicate this with your caterer. It's your deposit that could be affected.

Booking Highlights

Fri, Sat & Sun event dates include 12 hours of venue rental time. Events must end by 1 AM and building cleared by 2 AM.

Mon thru Thurs event dates include 8 hours of venue rental time.


Quick Reference


Hold the Date

An $800 deposit holds your date. All of the booking deposit goes toward your balance.


The Food

Your menu can be catered, restaurant delivery, or prepared by family and friends.

The Property

One Large Room . 350 Guest Maximum . White Shiplap Walls . 22' x 37' Professional Oak Dance Floor w Drink Railing . Stage . 205 well lit Parking Spaces



Decorated with Rustic Elegance and a little Bling . Accent Lighting . Ceiling Fabric . Dance Floor Lights . Decorated Ladder Overhead . Decorated Baby Bed Springs . Lots of Chandeliers

We encourage DIY decorating and personalizing your space.


Open Vendor Policy

You may bring in your own alcohol and food vendor. You may also choose the cake baker, florist, DJ, or photo booth vendor.


Our services include

Linens . Centerpieces . Decor . Plates . Glasses . Eating Utensils . Chafers . Party Rentals


We can staff your party

Bartenders . Wait Staff . Bussers . Wedding Coordinatot . Quinceanera Coordinator . Clean-up Crew


Kitchenette Access

The kitchenette includes: Ice Machine, 2 Compt. Sink, Refrigerator, and Food Warmer that is available for your use. NOTE: We have no grill, oven, or frier. All food must be ready to serve.