Bar - Beer, Wine & Alcohol



All alcohol must be served by our bartenders from behind our bar. The serving of alcohol by our bartenders is one of the few requirements we have and this is due to our building insurance policy. Beer, wine or alcohol cannot be set out on the guest tables or served family style due to insurance considerations. Any bottles of alcohol or beer that are brought into the Chateau, must to be checked in at the bar - where a bartender will gladly serve your bottle all night long. More good news. At the end of the night, you can retrieve your bottles and take them home.

The Chateau does not provide beer, wine or alcohol. You may bring in the bar drinks of your choice. You will also need to bring in your own mixers - Coke, Sprite, lemons, limes and such. When you do host - most of our packages include the ice, cups & beverage napkins.


Available for your use

  • Two refrigerated keg boxes that you can use to refrigerate and serve your kegs of beer.
  • A small refrigerated cooler that can hold approximately 3 cases of champagne.
  • A beer box that can hold approximately 4 cases of iced down beer.



We have a frozen drink machine that makes excellent frozen margaritas. This frozen drink machine is available for rent for $95.00. You supply the alcohol and mix and we will serve your drinks until your mix runs out.


Want a great presentation? We rent bar glasses.