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Reception Ready

Beautifully Decorated

Bring in your own Food

Bring in your own Alcohol

One Large Room

330 Guest Maximum

Open Vendor Policy

Large Dance Floor w Stage

Wait Staff . Decorators . Clean-Up Crew


Here are some highlights to help think through the details and logistics of your event.


Rental Times

Saturday events include 12 hours of rental time.

Fri & Sun events include 10 hours of rental time.

Mon - Thurs events include 8 hours rental time.



We welcome caterers, restaurant delivery, and food that is prepared by family and friends. And if you want to keep things simple, we can provide all of the staff and rentals you'll need to serve your menu.



You are free to bring in your own beverages, cups, etc. If you prefer to have service, we can set-up and maintain your drinks throughout the night.


Service Staff

Great for the client that has hired a restaurant to drop off the food or has had their menu prepared by friends and family.


Guest Tables

Setting Up the Tables

Our Guest Table Package is for those who want a truly gorgeous event and just want to walk into their party and be "Wowed". We offer Guest Table Decor and we will set everything up and take everything down if you choose.

Clearing Off the Tables

At the end of the night, all tables must be clear of debris such as cups, disposable tableware, food and cake plates.



You can bring in all of your own bar needs. At the end of the night, you'll need to remove the products that you didn't use for your event. We will package leftover bar supplies in the boxes that you brought them in. We do not store extra boxes at the venue.



Client/caterer responsible for cleaning kitchenette - wiping down counters, floors swept, mopped, and kitchen trash taken out. Ultimately, the client is responsible for the condition of the kitchenette and trash removal.


Stage/Dance Floor

DJ's and Bands have the same access to the venue as you! At the end of the night, DJ's and Bands must have all equipment removed within the one hour take down time.


Rentals & Decor

Any rentals that have been brought on-site need to be removed the night your event concludes. Nothing can be left in the venue overnight and we are not responsible anything that is left behind.



Client responsible for having all end of night trash removed such as discarded food, flowers, decorations, and bar items from the building and disposed of in our trash dumpster. However, this is normally done by the caterer or whomever provided the food.



Client is responsible for bussing tables, as well as end of night cleanup unless the service package is purchased. If you purchase the service package, the Chateau staff will do the clean-up. Our End of Night Clean-Up package is for the client that has not hired their caterer to stay to the end of the night to do cleanup after the party is over OR for the client that does not want to do the final clean-up themselves.

The Property

One Large Room

330 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

22' x 37' Dance Floor w Railing

Stage for DJ or Band

205 lighted Parking Spaces


Decor that's included

Head Table Background

Curved Canopy Display

Photo Op Background

Table Background

Fireplace Background

Accent Lighting

10' Glass Top Table

Wheel Barrel Table

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Suspended & Decorated Step Ladder

Suspended & Decorated Baby Bed Springs

Lots of Chandeliers

Venue is decorated with Rustic Elegance and a little Bling


Kitchenette Access

Ice Machine


Food Warmer

2 Compt. Sink


Open Vendor Policy

Bring in your own alcohol

Bring in your own food




Wait Staff


Clean-up Crew

Head Table Background with Columns & Twinkle Lights. Table is on a Stage.

Head Table Background

Curved Canopy Display

Curved Canopy Display

Photo Op Background

photo op background

Glass Top Table

Glass Table Top

Fireplace Background

Fireplace Background

Or you can use your own decor.

Accent Lights

Accent Lighting

Wheel Barrel Table

Wheel Barrel Table

Ceiling Fabric

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Lights Over the Dance Floor

Suspended Ladder - decorated.

Suspended Ladder

Suspended Baby Bed Springs

Suspended Baby Bed Springs



Client provides all alcohol, beer, wine, and champagne, along with lemons, limes, salt, mixers, and garnishes needed to serve their drink offerings. We do not provide mixers, garnish, or anything perishable.